Wedding photographer in Ajmer

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Good photography is not about having the most advanced camera equipments but it is about having the eye to find beauty in every little thing. Have you ever wondered what the qualities of a great photographer are? Well, every field of photography requires some specialized set of skills. But there are some qualities of a [...]

Wedding Photographer In Udaipur

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You have a thousand things to deal with in a wedding. Everything from the wedding photographer to the bride’s attire has to be pre-planned. Photography in wedding has its own significance. When the wedding rituals and bells embark a new journey in someone’s life, it is the photography that reminds the couple of the beautiful [...]

Essential Photography Gear for Your Coming Pre Wedding Shoot

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Weddings are a grand affair in India where people are emotionally attached to the event and leave no stone unturned to make it perfect. This is an unrepeatable moment for bride and groom and they obviously expect best of everything. So, when they hire a photographer either for the D-day or for pre wedding photoshoot, [...]

Pre Wedding Photography Tips for Every Beginner

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The love for pre wedding Photography have increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years and so is the demand for talented and brilliant candid photographers. This field is not popular only because it is lucrative and can earn you a fortune once you are successful but also because it offers something new [...]

Want to Take the Best Candid Shots? Read this!

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Every one of us has a hidden photographer deep down inside who gets awakened surprisingly when it comes to being a part of celebrations. Be it a birthday bash, wedding of a close one, festival, or a family get-together, we all have taken photographs at some point in life. Some were praiseworthy and bagged us [...]

Pre-Wedding Shoot Essentials for Every Couple Tying the knot This Year!

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Our heartiest congratulations to you on getting hitched soon! While you and your beloved is wallowing in the happy feeling of exchanging vows this year, we thought of preparing a checklist for your pre-wedding shoot which you won’t stop gushing about! Let’s get started without much ado. Is Pink city your wedding destination? If yes, [...]

Pre Wedding Shoot Mistakes Every Couple Must Avoid

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Pre wedding shoots have become one of the trendiest things in every wedding and every couple and photographer are investing money and efforts to make it as successful as possible. There is now separate budget, schedule, destination, designer, etc., for these photoshoots that are finalized after serious consideration. This is the time when couples get [...]

Tips to Take Brilliant Wedding Photos

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Wedding is undoubtedly the most precious moment for every couple as this is the day that two people who love each other are united forever. And the responsibility to capture these moments in the most beautiful way rests upon none other than the photographers. They are the one who are trusted by the bride and [...]