Dos and Don’ts of Pre-wedding Photography

Are you already experiencing a ‘nervous breakdown’ as the dates of your pre wedding shoot is approaching? Relax, don’t be so tough on yourself! Pre wedding shoots are an integral part of your wedding photography. You need to keep them simple and natural. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of  ‘Dos and ‘Don’ts of pre-wedding photography that you should keep in mind.

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Dos and Don’ts of Pre-wedding photography


Research:Research is the foremost thing that you’re required to do in pre wedding photography. From concept to location to the photographer, everything has to be well researched. Settle for a concept or a theme for your pre wedding shoot. Ask your pre wedding photographer in Jaipur for some samples so that you’ve an idea about the prevailing concepts, then freeze the concept that fascinates you the most. Once you’ve finalized the concept, search for the best photographers in your town. Choosing the right photographer is vital. Decide on someone who can bring new creativity from an old junked idea.

Plan your concept: Picking up a concept is not enough. You’ve to put into efforts and time to transform it into a beautiful reality. Plan well in advance to implement it better. A couple photo shoot unfolds the chemistry that exists between you and your partner. To portray the right chemistry, it is necessary to plan each and every aspect of your photo shoot. Beat the trends, plan and set your concept right and there you go to build a love story like never before in your shoots.

Choose an ideal time for your shoot: There’s no denying to the fact that timing is a crucial factor in photography. It is all about capturing the perfect shots at the perfect timing. Timing is important when it comes to outdoor shoots. For making the most of natural light, it is advisable to shoot in daytime. Otherwise choose according to your concept and idea.


Try not to go for a way too unique look: Photographs are best when you act natural. Do not cover your face with expensive makeup, rather let it look natural as much as it is possible. Would you like to conceal your true personality underneath your looks? Of course, not! Surely, we understand that you are excited for your couple photoshoot but don’t take regretful decisions.

Don’t overlook your better-half’s fantasies: Posing in front of a camera is probably every girl’s favorite task. Nothing goes wrong in it unless you forget the other person with whom you’re sharing the frame with. Ensure that your man is at ease with the whole shoot idea and your pre wedding photographer in Jaipur. Know his likes and dislikes well before starting off your shoots. Give him ample space in your frame and together, you two narrate a beautiful story holding each other’s hands.

Don’t run late: Pre wedding shoot requires proper set-ups and locations. Start off early to end up on time. Couple shoots can take from days to weeks. Coming prepared, wearing your fancy gown will give you the time to be comfortable with your photographer and setup. Witness the mesmerizing sunrise with your partner, get some creative pictures clicked, and make your shoot an experience to cherish for lifetime.

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