Pre Wedding Photography Tips for Every Beginner

The love for pre wedding Photography have increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years and so is the demand for talented and brilliant candid photographers. This field is not popular only because it is lucrative and can earn you a fortune once you are successful but also because it offers something new and exciting every single day. You get to meet new people with different ideas, perspective and thought, you interact with them and learn something exclusive from each project and venture. However, you also have to face numerous challenges too, whether you are a veteran or have just started your career as a candid photographer in Jaipur. When a soon-to-be-married couple hire you for their wedding and pre wedding shoot, they have a lot of expectations from you and you can hardly afford to disappoint them. You have to be proficient with every type of photography and give them memories that they can cherish for lifetime. If you are a wedding photographer in Jaipur and gearing up for your coming photo-shoot, then here are some fundamental tips that can help you create stunning pictures:

  • Of course, most of the pictures are posed which come out beautifully but there is no denying the fact that candid images are no less than gold in any wedding album. They reflect the true chemistry and personality of the couple and worth billion bucks. You always have to be ready with your camera and capture those sweet nothings and special moments that they share when they are not aware of your lens. Ask them to let loose and enjoy themselves to get candid shots.

  • During pre wedding shoots, couples often share fleeting moments that are so natural and real that they are worth getting framed. To make sure that you don’t miss such precious shots, use burst mode that is perfect for capturing small and sweet moments. Initially, when couple starts to pose, they may be awkward and stiff but generally they get normal after each pose which is the best time to get unexpected clicks can turn out amazingly.

  • You will come across clients who are critical about their looks and get anxious in front of camera. Such people look for a wedding photographer in Jaipur who can capture their best features from the perfect angle. Therefore, know the right angle that makes the couple look flattering and gorgeous. Keep your camera slightly above their eyes which will highlight their features. The lower camera angle can make a person look plump and big while tilted angles work better for full length shots.

  • This may be a bit difficult to get the shot right, but you can learn the shot gradually and master it. Once you get adept at this kind of shots using backlight, you can create pictures with dramatic effect. Place your subject in front of light to create a rim that outlines the couple and bringing them in focus. You might have to get trained to spot the correct light source but the end result will be worth all your effort.

  • If you are a candid photographer in Jaipur who is expert with off-camera flash, then you can get a plethora of projects as there is a huge demand for such shots. When light are too strong, couples get underexposed which doesn’t result in good pictures. Therefore, in the absence of natural light, position the flash behind the couple to create backlit pictures.

Well, getting these tricks right may not be as easy as a pie but you can practice them to master the art of photography. Once you are able to create pictures that are exclusive and unique, you will not only earn fortune but also get reward in form of happy couples who will fill their wall with the pictures clicked by you.

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