Tips to Take Brilliant Wedding Photos

Wedding is undoubtedly the most precious moment for every couple as this is the day that two people who love each other are united forever. And the responsibility to capture these moments in the most beautiful way rests upon none other than the photographers. They are the one who are trusted by the bride and groom to-be to freeze some unseen and candid happenings through their lens. Therefore, they need to have eyes that can identify the significant and special time to seize them in their camera. However, this can be quite a challenging task even for the professional who has years of experience in this field. A wedding photographer in Jodhpur states that it is not possible for every photographer to master all kind of photography and they might have to face certain issues at some point or other. Therefore, with the help of a renowned candid photographer in Jodhpur, we have listed a few tips that will be useful to you once you dive into this world of professional wedding photography. Take a look

Get to know the couple

Take out enough time to know about the couple and their story. Get to know some special memories, such as how they met? How long have they been together?, etc. This may help you understand their chemistry better and you will be able to capture their true personalities with your camera. You can also opt for prenup photos to make both parties comfortable with camera which will be a huge benefit for you on the wedding day.

Shoot the reactions

Of course, wedding is the day for the couple getting married but it is also a special occasion for their friends and family members. When two people tie the knot and share some sweet little moments, the expressions on their loved ones are priceless and worth capturing through your lens. So, while you are busy clicking the bride and groom, ask your team member to seize those amazing moments. Make sure that you take candid photos rather than asking them to pose in a certain way and cover as many people as you can.

Create a shot checklist

Wedding day can be quite hectic and overwhelming not only for the bride and groom but also for the photographers. It is normal that they could easily forget a few special shots in the heat of the moment. Once you miss to click something exclusive and amazing, you won’t be able to recreate it again. To rather be safe than sorry, take out some time and list the shots that you want to get. Moreover, ask the couple as well if they want some special pictures and compile the list to check them off once you are done. Ask the couple about their family and friends so that you don’t have to waste your time deciding which members need to be in the photos.

Don’t manipulate your subjects

Natural and candid photos which reflect the true personalities of the couple are always the best in every wedding album. So, let the things happen organically and don’t direct them every now and then because it may look fake and awkward even if you capture them beautifully with perfect lights. However, you can ask the group and the couple to pose for certain specific pictures but other than that it is better to stop influencing the subject. A candid photographer in Jodhpur states that original and real chemistry is always reflected perfectly in candid photos than fake ones.

Well, we hope that these aforementioned tips will help you with your next project. These are tried and tested suggestions by a celebrated wedding photographer in Jodhpur and will surely help you capture some excellent shots.

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