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360 degree virtual wedding photography in jaipur
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Who doesn’t love a wedding video? Whether it’s a month after your celebration or on your 10-year anniversary, there’s no better way to revisit key moments,

What if we tell you that this special and auspicious moment could be documented with a 360-degree view? 

what if you could actually have a front row seat at your ceremony, spin in the middle of the dance floor at the reception or feel like you’re standing next to your dad as he gives his speech all over again?

In Our terms, this view not only captures only the ritual but gives you an all-round view, a perspective that skillfully brings back emotions of ‘being there again’ when you watch it with your family.

we will capture your wedding in 360 Degree where our hi-tech video recording camera’s are used from every direction at the same time and after Post Production we will give you our special VR Glasses to live your wedding like you are at same place you can also watch these films without VR Glasses by Rotating your mobile or by moving your mouse cursor,  


You Will get 360 Degree Virtual Video which can be viewed either through social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube or through the use of specialised virtual reality goggles for a fully flawless and enjoyable video viewing experience.